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Beautiful full text search for all your bookmarks.

Full text search for all your bookmarks -
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Your bookmarks, your fingertips.

Launch our bookmarklet and get instant access to all your bookmarks right from the page you're viewing, no redirecting to another site or opening a new tab - just your bookmarks at your fingertips.

Search everything.

We search the entire content of every page you bookmark. You don't need to worry about categorising bookmarks as you add them since it's so easy to find them again.

Stay organised.

You can add notes to your bookmarks but to make things even easier words prefixed with # become highlighted and clickable so you can see everything to #readlater, #watchlater, #cooklater or those sites for #italianvacation.

A Modern performance.

Speed is something we're passionate about. When you open our bookmarklet we use HTML5 application cache and local storage to make sure your bookmarks appear before we've even made a trip to the server.